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Case Study by David Howell

Case Study by David Howell

Recently I saw a secondary school student who'd been diagnosed with ADHD and treated for years with Ritalin, antidepressants and other medications without success.   The client had been suspended from schools twice despite having good child psychiatric and paediatric care.

I recommend some general blood tests, altered the client's dietary intake of additives & placed him on a Magnesium & activated B Vitamin formula.

The client has responded well within the first 1-2 weeks, with his mum noting a much calmer & less aggressive mood and his teacher sending back 2 positive reports, as follows;

"Just an update to let you know ####'s behaviour has been excellent in class with me this week. :-)"

And another message just a couple of days later;

"#### is voluntarily practising long division!! His concentration this week has been fabulous. 😊"

The client's mum is happy thus far;

"Still in shock in that little change has had a profound effect.   Thank you so much!"

Without much intervention, this client has responded well, with potentially major changes for his home life, social life & academic career.