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Ankita Jariwala

Ankita Jariwala
Ankita serves as the Physiotherapist of Hip Sport Spine Physiotherapy in Toowoomba since 2017.She completed her Bachelors in Physical therapy from S.N.D.T University, Mumbai, India in 2010. After graduating, she worked in an outpatient/acute care setting in Mumbai for 2 years before pursuing a course in Exercise and Wellness in Canada. She developed hands-on skills in Nordic skiing, kayaking, rock climbing and paddle boarding while studying the science of exercise, and eventually developed special interest in Motion analysis of different sports and an understanding of those aspects of sport science pertinent to the game.

Ankita has gained diverse knowledge working with the Podiatrists before relocating to Australia which gave her the understanding of biomechanics of lower limb along with functional and physical therapy intervention for lower limb muscular strengthening,
flexibility, ergonomic advice and counselling. She is passionate about helping people return to the activities that they love as well as their daily activities through the use of manual therapy, myofascial release, K-tape, personalized exercise prescription and client education.

Ankita believes that every day is a new learning opportunity and thrives off gaining new experiences and knowledge from every individual patient she treats.